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Question - mend, repair, fix

Domena sp 2000 steam press wont steam?

Bought a domena sp 2000 steam press from e bay(i know)plugged it in and filled the water container,i let it heat up but when you put the handle down you hear a wee click but no steam comes up,can anyone help.Regards.Also do you know anywhere in scotland dundee i can get it repaired

December 2006

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

I have the sp2000 and after it was not used for awhile, it wouldn't steam. Stripped down the pump to clear it of scale and now it works. The pump actually works like a solenoid rather than a pump.

H Stabler
July 2018

turn on the machine then pull down handle about 1/2 away you will hear a noise then the steam escaping you should then be sorted
hope this helps

January 2015

I have an SP2000 and find that if I press the handle down 3/4 of the way, the steam is produced.

October 2014

does any one now how to open a domena 1900 to get at the water pump please

March 2011

hi i have a singer steam magic press and my steam was really powerful and then went to no steam and the plunger seamed loose or not doing what it i took the cover off to investigate and if you lollow the arm of the plunger mine goes to a rod that is tight in a tube which creates the steam once pressed.the problem with mine is due to the rod rubber washer getting stuck in the container of water.i think it has to be greased so that the rod goes back and forth as it should as the spring that pulls it back is connected and pulling.tried wd 40 but didnt work so now am going to get some proper grease to put in the tube to lube the tunnel bit and got a feeling it will work.

not sure if the setup on yours is similar but it may be worth a check.maybe your washer has come off or something.

i hope you can make sense of my suggestions obviously i dont know correct technical words for each piece hence my tube and rod desciption

hope this helps in some way

April 2007

Did you have any joy? I just bought an SP1900 with similar problem and I think the pump has gone but no trace of any manuals online. Try talking to Scarboro Service in Uckfield. They are the UK after-sales people for Domena.

Sally Kendall
January 2007

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