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blackscreen when startingup cursor jumping allover the place need help?

my gateway7 is 12 years old the screen is black when i start it up and my cursor jumps windows are Microsoft.ineed helpplease.this is a laptop.

July 2015

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The cursor jumping all over the place could very well indicate that the track pad is faulty.
If the screen is black and stay black for a long time, or for ever, it's often that Windows just can't start, usualy because of a missing or corrupted essential file.

At 12 years old, as there is at least some hardware related problems, it will be cheaper and easier to get a new one. That new computer will be MUCH more powerfull. Something like comparing a Ford model T to the latest Ferrari.

For your files on the actual drive: Take it out of the computer and install it in an external enclosure and use it like an external drive.

July 2015

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im using windows 10 and my browser is Microsoft edge. certain games I play tellm me my adobe flash player is blocked.How can I fix that please and thank you very much in advance....

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1. Do Microsoft windows ever call users using an Asian calling centre? 2. Do Microsoft windows KNOW you have corrupt files 3. Does Microsoft Windows add an auto respond to microsoft windows if it senses a corrupt file.? 2 & 3 were claimed by the caller after I asked how that he knew or suspec...

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on the screen it also says unmountable_boot_volume and some tech info which is just aload of numbers...

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Help wanted!
I had the same problem. Great result!! Thanks to all.

May 2020

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