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Question - mend, repair, fix

When watching tv on my Logik l22fe12 a sound comes on telling you what is h?

When watching TV a secondary voice tells you what is happening
How do I re set my tv to remove this function on Logik l22FE12 ?

Allan gait
April 2015

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Don't know about your set but you have accidently hit a button on your remote that activates this feature,there might be a button with a speaker symbol with an x through it try pressing that one.I'm sure it is a remote control setting that you have activated.

April 2015

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The question: When watching tv on my logik l22fe12 a sound comes on telling you what is h?
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logik tv/dvd combie?

my logik tv/dvd combie comes on for second and av2/scart pops up but carnt do or change andthing can this be fixed and how please...

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logik log19whd17?

Standby light comes on but when I press the ON button the blue light comes on then fades like it's struggling to power then goes back to standby...

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My Logik TV (RC-AC07) just diplays a plain blue screen when swithced on - n?

My Logik TV (RC-AC07) just diplays a plain blue screen when swithced on - no picture or lock on the corner? What is wrong and how can I my Logik TV model RC-A07?...

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logik 54 cm lock use rs17 remote?

how do I unlock my logic 54cm ctv using remote rs17...

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logik lcd tv model lk-c40f78?

the screen view not showing fullscreen on left- and right-hand sides even when i select Fullscreen on remote...

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why will my logik 32'' tv not power on?

my tv (Logik - L32LW783) powers on b ut will not turn on. It has the blue power ring lit but when you press the stand by button to turn it on all that happens is the blue light goes dimmer! Can anyone advise??...

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logik tv doesn't detect scart input?

my logik tv lcxw32hd doesn't detect the scart input the freeview has never worked i dont have a remote...

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i can't load DVD in my new logik tv?

am i missing something?...

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Thank you. This has been driving me to distraction for months. Now fixed!

May 2020

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