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i have a leak on drivers side footwell and its louder when being driven ??

I bought a 2001 FORD GALAXY LX TDI SILVER about 3 weeks ago second hand, the owner said he had noticed the mat on the drivers side being a bit wet but didnt know what it has just passed MOT in sept and had nothing to advise on it.
Today i noticed the car was a lot louder than normal especially when pressing on the accelerator, and it sounds like a hollowish pipe kind of noise but its near the front of the car on the drivers side.
As i parked i dropped my ticket by my feet and realised there was literally a puddle by my feet!!!! so something is leaking into the footwell and now is making the car sound very loud when driven......
Anyone have any ideas...i am dreading taking this car into the garage and would like to be somewhat prepared for what they may 24 weeks pregnant so VERY hormonal...i do not want to cry if they say a ridiculous ammount to fix
I tried googling and most seem to think it could be the air con, but would that cause it to be loud when putting my foot down????
any ideas will be gratefully recieved.

sara fw
November 2014

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Regarding your noise I would check your air intake system,pay attention to split hoses,loose clips,intercooler etc,without hearing it, it is difficult to determine if it is a bearing noise but if the fan belt is removed then that would rule out various pulleys/alternator etc, your wet carpet-it would be worth looking in the engine compartment at the bulkhead and check there are no drains blocked with leaves/dirt etc,you could also remove the drivers door card and check the membrane is in place covering the door, if it is smelling of anti freeze then your heater radiator could be at fault also,just some things to check,good luck.

November 2014

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ford galaxy 1.9 2001 central locking?

i can only open door with key and only drivers door opens,there's no sound of central locking,l e d on door is flashing but on key no light appears at all and i changed the battery,i have to manually lock all 4 doors,...any ideas ?..thanks rob..h.pool.....

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Fantastic! I disconnected the battery for awhile as advised.

Aug 2019

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