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old sewing machine pedal?

OK. I'm stumped.

I inherited a lovely old Brother sewing machine from my gran ( two of em actually, but one problem at a time...)

After a little playing and a lot of cursing, she runs beautifully, but with one small problem. She always runs at full tilt max speed.

I would think its the foot pedal, so I took it apart. Its an old wire wound rheostat with a brass wheel that contacts the winding to provide a varied resistance it seems. At first, i was getting nothing untill the pedal was fully pressed and the contact wheel hit the bypass plate at the bottom of its travel.
After some cleaning and some more cursing, the multimeter reports that I am getting a nice variance between 0 and about 10 ohms.
Reassemble and try again, and this time she kicks in at the beginning of the travel. But still at full speed.
I read online that the capacitor is often the problem, so I removed that, and still the same.

Run out of ideas now.
Anyone have any thoughts?

August 2014

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Well yes, I could get another one on eBay for about 15 quid job done.
I probably will once the Mrs decides what she wants done, as I hear the old one wasnt the best anyway

Was rather hoping to get this one to run, and I wondered if anyone had played with one similar. They shouldn't be too uncommon.
Would just be nice to have the original unit to match the machine.

And its such a simple device that I am loathed to be beaten by it!

August 2014

Forget all that technical stuff, the pedal has gone naff, you can buy a modern YDK pedal which is easy to fit

August 2014

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Feb 2021

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