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Please. how to mend, or reset or restart Texecom Veritas, (8, I think)?

After electricity cuts yesterday the strobe is flashing outside, the code number is ineffective altogether, does nothing now, and the keypad keys just give the same dull sound when pressed, nothing else.
Of four detectors inside one is persisting in alarming at every slight movement in the hall, causing ten or so beeps, then subsiding, then again beeping with any movement at all. The other three remain normal, quiet, causing no alarm or beeps; their function may be correct, while that in the hall is wrong, defective.
The code number alters this not at all, has become ineffective, and fails to reset, to stop the noise inside or the strobe outside. I have tried everything I can, for hours, at wits end; please help, please advise. Faithfuly, Timothy

Timothy Walsh
December 2013

Need to mend your Veritas home alarm system?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

just replace like for like

December 2013

Thank you both v.much.
What sort of battery ought I buy to have ready to put in, please?
I think it must be the battery as you say, yet still one detector, not the others, continues sensitive: curious. I shall remove fuse and open the main box, hope to find the battery inside; or should the mains be disconnected? We have no instruction booklet, none was left for us.

Timothy Walsh
December 2013

Write the date on new battery.

Connect new battery observing correct polarity.

I'm assuming the bells will ring on connection so don't panic,key in your code then close the control panel lid,restore mains power then reset to clear the temper.

It defo sounds like a battery issue as gts has said.

e manno
December 2013

replace the battery inside the control panel,but turn mains power off first

December 2013

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The question: Please. how to mend, or reset or restart Texecom Veritas, (8, I think)?
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I have never had a problem with this alarm in 22years, however it now goes off on a random basis in the early hours of the morning, The zone showing is the sensors how do I omit these ? Got the installation book but not the working instructions....

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Help wanted!
Thank you. Worked a treat!

Dec 2019

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