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Mend > Lighting

Question - mend, repair, fix

Ikea Kila lamp?

have a red Kila Ikea lamp. Need a new transformer YD-20C AC ADAPTER 12VAC 1.67A. Would any other transformer work else work? Could do some splicing but needs to be safe when done. Thanks!

December 2013

Need to mend your Ikea lighting?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

The KILA simply uses a 12v halogen bulb and so and 12v supply, AC or CD is fine - use just a 12v transformer!

October 2018

Hey D Mac, almost 2 years has passed since your reply so I don't know if you found a solution yet or just forgot the post like me...
What I did was to find in my apartment another power supply with the same specs and cut/connect the cables from the lamp.
This worked until today when the power supply decided to die, that's the reason why I remembered about this post.

I hope you found a solution, now I have to buy a new one

December 2017

My daughter inherited an IKEA desk lamp from a college roommate - unfortunately it didn’t come with the power supply.
Have either of you been able to track one down or find a suitable substitute?
Thanks for your advisement.

D Mac
February 2016

Hi, did you finally find a solution for your problem? Because I need the same :(

January 2016

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Ikea Antifoni Table Lamp?

Does not turn on, I believe it to be the switch on top near lamp head. Checked everything else, bulb, transformer, cord... it blinked a couple times with movement then stopped. Where do I order a new switch?...

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Adapter buzzes, where can I replace it? Apart from the obvious?

I have three KALLT lights from Ikea. One of the adapter plugs makes a buzzing noise...which can't be right. Apart from Ikea, does anyone know where/how I could replace or fix it? Any help will be gratfully received. Many thanks :)...

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Ikea Floor Lamp?

I bought 2 Ikea Floor lamps a couple of years ago - therefore have no idea of the model etc as they no longer still produce the design. On one of the lamps, the inner plastic has become very brittle and has broken in various places. Can anybody send any advice on how to repair, replace or even the...

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Dimmer switch (kaoyi KFD-527G3) stopped working on my Ikea floor lamp?

The dimmer switch on our Ikea floor lamp has stopped working for some reason. Don't think it's the fuse as the lamp lights up normally from the mains. It doesn't dim that's all. Tested the fuse as well and it looks fine. It's a Kaoyi KFD-527G3. Anyone got any ideas on this please? Not sure of the na...

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12v AC halogen lamp repair?

I have a desk lamp from Ikea that stopped working. Replacement bulbs don't work. I can measure 12v AC at the lamp socket. Any advice? Thanks- Ellen...

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I have just fitted a ceiling light from Ikea in the bathroom, it all seems to be fine, when i fitted it i could not attach the Earth wire to the base as its only got L&N. i have just left it inside the fixings not attached to anything !!!!!! WILL THIS BE OK....

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Have wired new ceiling light correctly but STILL wont turn off?

Hi Ive recently bought an Ikea light (the 'leding') with 3 halogen bulbs attached. I removed the old ceiling rose fitting and then realised that i still needed it as the ikea light only has one live one neutral and one earth. So, i rewired the rose - put the earths in the earth place and the 2 r...

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Damaged electrics in Ikea light fitting- how to fix?

I purchased a light fitting from Ikea and attempted to fit it earlier today. However, I have made a mess of it and need advice to fix the problem. The part where the wires connect from our house's mains i.e. the live, neutral and earth wires, does not have the small screws that I'd expected that you...

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Help wanted!
Thank you. This has been driving me to distraction for months. Now fixed!

May 2020

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