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Dewalt drill battery will not hold charge ?

I have a 14.4 Dewalt cordless drill the light on the charger only stays on red never changes to green is this the battery or the charger I don't have another unit to swap with so I am trying to find out if its worthwhile buying a replacement part before I go and purchase another drill?

andy taylor
August 2013

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Need to mend your Dewalt drill?

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Buy a new drill - Li-on technology is far superior.

The batteries on my Makita drill hold their charge for weeks and when I need to charge them it's a 20 minute job.

Somewhat expensive - I paid £250 for drill - 2 batteries & a charger - but have no regrets.

August 2013

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Smoking fromm commutator?

I have had my dewalt DC925 hammer drill for a few years but is now out of warranty. It has had light usage over the last 3 years but there is now a lot of smoke coming from the commutator and you can see through the casing that the commutator is glowing hot especially in the joins of the copper segm...

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dewalt repairs?

how do I change carbon brushes on dewalt 240v power drill...

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why do i only hear static when i turn on my DeWALT DC011 radio?

why do i only hear static when i turn on my DeWALT DC011 radio and what can i do to fix it?...

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howcan i fix my dewalt dc011 radio ?

my dewalt dc011 radio will work on the batter or the 120 plug but wont charge batteries and i get 53 volts dc output from the charge port while plugged in and drains a fully charged battery in twenty min volume doesn't matter only the power on will drain it wtf is going on...

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old dewalt?

my old dewalt will charge but wont play or move tune or volume and dosent play any answers for me...

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How can I fix a ni cad battery for my Rigid and DeWalt drills?

Is there free information available online (and I do mean FREE!) that will guide me through repairing the ni cad batteries for my 18V Rigid and 14.4V DeWalt drill motors and where may I find it?...

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dewalt laser wont turn on dw087?

the line flicks on then goes of...

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how to fix my dewalt dc988?

drill stops working when pointed downward...

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June 2020

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