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Satellite Navigation?
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Garmin sat nav?

Here is some advice on purchase of a sat nave no matter what make. Ask what level the model chosen is classed as ? entry level or higher.
I purchased a Garmin Nuvi 54LM to replace my smaller old Nuvi 250 which is still serviceable with old maps (not a lot of change). Reason larger screen and the lane identifying inset to show the correct lane/s to take at motorway junctions. Also the surprise of being able to correct an address without having to retype the full name. However way point entry lets it down it only takes one on a route. To enter several stops on a long run you have to enter each stop as a separate route. And before leaving the first stop selecting the second stop/route and so on. So to enter 4 know stop areas for resting on a long journey you have to enter them as 4 separate journey's. I contacted Garmin and they now tell me that the model I purchased is entry level, at £219 I would have expected something more than entry level.
Thanks for your time reading. Peccavi I will welcome your comments if any.

bob UK
August 2013

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balls made a mistake

bob UK
August 2013

.Know I don't like it, rubbing in that you’ve purchased a cheaper better use model for your ‘better’ ooops other half that does all I wanted.
I blame myself for clouded eyes looking more at the original price of £219.99 reduced to £119.99 thinking a new model is out and they want to get rid of the earlier models. I also relied too much on the reviews I found, then it was off to make my purchase. The first I had trouble with looking in ‘history’ saw cyan lines marking out routes taken. I then mapped out a test route to find that the magenta route line was also overlaid with a cyan line which Garmin put down as a software fault I did all they told me to do but the cyan lines would not clear so the unit was changed. The current one has not only sent us in to two ‘loop routes’ each time ending up where we started but on a recent trip to I.o.Wight lost the magenta line and car symbol, so may play on that for a refund as to me for that to happen it isn’t fit for purpose. The only thing going for the 54LM is large screen, lane selector, and free mapping for life, not really much different from the old 250 I have with smaller screen.
Thank you for your reply, I will be looking into that model you purchased. Just for the record ‘er in doors’ favours the map book and was backing our trip to her brother who lives in France, so having two sats was at times confusing, worse only having the ability to turn one off, if you get my meaning

Bob U.K.
August 2013

He comments - you won't like it...

I have been dead against Sat-Navs since they came out - I love maps - but to support my wife's new job I understood her need for one - so from Amazon I got her a Nuvi 2445 about a month ago - £85 - now going for £72 post free...

It has these features:

Lane Assist with Garmin PhotoReal™
junction view
Street-level mapping for Western Europe
Trip planner to prepare and save routes with multiple via points
Dual-orientation screen for added clarity at junctions or for use in pedestrian mode
Park Position Recall

I think it's quite wonderful - it automatically adjusts the route if I take a different direction - it appears to be able to detect a change of position of about 2 metres and gives an almost instant indication of speed as well as speed limit advice.

I admire the technology and for £85/£72 it's a marvel - a bargain.

Why anybody would want to pay more for a lesser device I can not imagine.

At motorway junctions I find it no problem to be in the correct lane and move into it at the last safe and sensible moment - there are always slots at the front and there's usually a slow-moving
queue for two or three miles before the junction - I look out the car windows not at a tiny little TV screen that thinks it's my mother-in-law.

Happy motoring

August 2013

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Three yrs ago change my old Garmin Nuvi 250 for Garmin 54LM (Lifetime maps). For bigger screen and told it takes multi waypoints they lied it doesn't only takes one way point. I couldnt change it as I had no proof. Anyone ideas how to get more than one waypoint on? Also I'm told if I use the 54...

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