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Question - mend, repair, fix

how can I fix my Humax PVR9200T?

My Humax sometimes (NOT always) has long lag between instructions fromthe remote and complying. I hav changed batteries several times - no difference. Sometimes it freezes completely and I have to switch off at the wall - reboot - and then it will respond, but soon we have lags again. Humax PVR 9200T.

December 2012

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

You need to check that your 9200T has the most recent software and you also need to check that it is tuned to just one transmitter.

To see which version of software you are using see MENU > System > Status. The software version for 9200 should be displayed as ending in 1.00.23.

One method of ensuring you are only tuned to one transmitter is described here:

There are two ways of updating your recorder to the latest software.

The first method relies on an 'over the air' (OTA) broadcast of more up to date software. The OTA software broadcasts do not happen every day.
The web site tells which software update is about to be broadcast for the next week or two.

For the 9200 it currently reports "Mon 17-12-2012 10am to Wed 19-12-2012 9am"

During a broadcast of the software for the 9200 use your remote’s MENU button
MENU > Installation (default password is 0000) > Software Update > Manual Update
to download the software.

NOTE that after downloading the new software you must execute a default settings otherwise odd errors will creep in.
MENU > Installation (default password is 0000) > Default Setting
This will not wipe your recordings but it will wipe your schedule, ‘favorites’ and tuning.

For the alternative method of updating your 9200 software you will need:
• an internet connection to download the software,
• installation software,
• a PC with a serial port; or a PC and a USB to serial adapter (about £8 online – quality of instructions vary, or £20+ on the high street); the ones with ‘prolific’ chips work a treat,
• a null modem cable (less than £2 online or £11 on the high street if you are in a hurry or want a pretty one).

The software is available from humax digital support pages

Installation software is available from either

NOTE that after installing the new software you must execute a default settings otherwise odd errors will creep in.
MENU > Installation (default password is 0000) > Default Setting
This will not wipe your recordings but it will wipe your schedule, ‘favorites’ and tuning.

December 2012

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