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Question - mend, repair, fix

how can i fix my imarflex multi blender?

How can i fix my Imarflex multi blender? Where can i get the schematic diagram of it?

February 2012

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Marius de Jess again.

Don't follow me.

I checked the current fuse and the thermal fuse, which both I had inserted, they are still intact.

But the blender rotates uncertainly with sparks and emits an electrical burning smell, this scared me and I decided to stop further attempts at repair, for the present -- and do more reading and thinking and getting information on the design and construction and components of the Imarflex Multi Blender.

I damaged this blender by forcing it to work at the fastest speed with chopped pieces of vegetables and water up to the brim of the jar; that slowed it down and it stopped, emitting an electrical burning smell: that was the original trouble.

I should have (but didn't, owing to ignorance) just changed the overload protection fuse(?), instead I proceeded on the assumption that the motor windings must have burned up in several spots, and tried to do everything to remove the motor, and to bring it to a rewinding shop, but did not succeed to remove the motor.

Come to think of it, perhaps the winding was also burned up in several spots...

Don't follow me.

Marius de Jess
March 2015

Here is Marius de Jess again.

Okay, I will tell you where I am right now.

I connected a 5 amp current fuse on one of the input wire, and a thermal fuse of standard power used by repair guys I imagine for electric fans -- that's the only kind the shop has -- on the other input wire.

Why? Because I thought that would be smart: the thermal fuse to replace the melted overload protection gimmick whatever, and the current fuse of 5 amp, to make sure that in case there is some short, then it will blow the fuse instead of something else in the blender or disrupt the power supply somewhere in the house.

So, I tried the blender and it worked but right away it stopped -- so I said to myself, Time to bring it to an outside expert repair guy.

But I was not happy: then I thought that perhaps the 5 amp current fuse was too small for the amperage needed to work the blender.

At this point in time I told myself to take a break, so I took lunch and had a noon nap what we call a siesta.

Good for me, the current fuse can be replaced easily by unwinding the fuse holder, also with the thermal fuse.

I have also supply of 10 amp current fuses and also 15 amp fuses.

So, when I tinker with the blender again, the Imarflex Multi Blender, I will just change the current 5 amp fuse -- if that is what happened, it blew because it was not up to the higher amperage required.

For the meantime I will continue to relax.

I will report here again when I have tried my next experiment.

Marius de Jess
March 2015

I made the mistake of dismantling the 7 speed switch, and also tried to remove the motor, and also did cut the wires to the motor, etc., all of which were not necessary.

The trouble was that I loaded too much stuff on the fastest speed, and the motor slowed down and died.

I thought the motor winding got burned and I had to get it rewound, that was a wrong idea.

Here is what I now know to be the real trouble: there is what I believe is a thermal fuse or an overload protection fuse, it got melted when I tried to make the motor run too fast on too much stuff, so the fuse got overheated and melted, that stopped the motor -- and now I know that it saved everything else which everything else I dismantled or opened up -- luckily I could not remove the motor from its mounting and thus failed to destroy it -- hahahaha!

So, I had a hell of a hard time and trouble to put back all the wires to their original locations, and put back together the components of the 7 speeds switch...

If you want to know more of my history with trying to fix my Imarflex Multi Blender, write to me.

No, I have not yet succeeded in getting it back to working condition, you want to know why? write to me.

Marius de Jess
March 2015

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May 2020

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