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Internet Explorer 8 problem.?

I'm on Windows XP SP3. Using IE8 as my browser.

When i try to load IE8, it takes for what seems like forever (when compared to its usual response time) to load the window. It probably takes about 5 minutes to load the one window. Maybe a couple minutes more.

And it does the exact same thing when i try to open other windows or extra tabs on existing windows. I'm welcomed with a very VERY slow response time. Sometimes the active title bar will fade out, and i'll get a (Not Responding) in the current title bar.

However, when i have a window (or tab) loaded, my internet is as normal. Websites will load at the normal rate, although clicking links seem slightly slower than normal. If i were to right click and select 'open in new tab' or 'open in new window', i'm greeted with no response once again, for however long it takes.

I've scanned with McAfee Internet Security, Kapersky's ZBotKiller, and Spybot's Search and Destroy. I've also reset IE8 to it's default settings to see if that would help, but it hasn't.

This is my last attempt for a possible self fix, before i go to a tech engineer or something.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

RJ Francis
May 2011

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First, remove ANY added tool bars. Each tool bar takes some time to load and initiate.

Cleanup your drive. If your drive is getting to full, it can negatively impact your performances.

Temporarily disable the accelerators, plugins and modules. Maybe there is something that is not working properly with one of those. Reactivate them one at the time untill you find one that causes some problem. Delete that one, and, optionaly reinstall it if it's one that you regularly use or need.

Open McAfee and disable, at least temporarily, any so caled "real time protection". It can REALY kill your performances.
Make sure that any real time scanning level is set to the lowest level. You don't want to rescan an unchanged file that have been scaned during the last few weeks...
Exclude some folders, like the internet cache.
Also exclude the following extentions: *.htm *.html *.shtm *.shtml ALL image formats(JPG GIF PNG BMP...)

Open Internet properties and reduce the internet cache size. You probably don't need more than 50Mb. Most of the time, 20 to 30Mb is more than enough. If it's to large it can worsen your access as you get more and more cached items to check. It also cause your drive to fill up to much, slowing files access.

Defragmenting your drives can't hurt and may improve things somewhat.

Finaly, unless you absolutely want or need to use internet explorer, take a look at other browsers, like Firefox, Chrome or Opera. All 3 are prety fast, often faster than internet explorer.
All 3 will offer you to import your favorites, saved passwords and settings from Internet explorer on install or first run.

I REALY DON'T recomend Apple's Safari. I saw to many reports about problems it have caused.

May 2011

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Can't believe the method worked, but it really did! Thank you.

Dec 2019

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