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Question - mend, repair, fix

i have a Gilera dna 2004 model 50cc and it wont start cuts out?

how can i get my bike to work basicaly was working perfectly then i noticed slight water coming from large casing where kick start is located on bike then leak has become largr and bike wont start rand Gilera and they said 300 to look at it and on avarage 700 to fix any guidance wil be grateful

April 2011

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

sounds like a water leak, you may have to split the engine to do this but first take the casing off leaving the kickstart well alone, you will see the variator & the oil pump to the left, the small drive belt drives the oil pump and the water pump, take all this off, you might see an 8mm bolt remove bolt & pullout pump to repair, fit 2 new 'o' rings & push back in. or for bits.

Chris P.Duck
April 2011

Hi, first of all decide whether its water or petrol leaking out, the smell is a giveaway! If its fuel you'll need to check back to the tank or if its flooding the engine, which will cause poor starting and the air filter will be soaked in petrol. If its a seal/gasket that's gone on the water pump try A.J.Sutton,, the drive kit is about £32, not the rip-off £700 mate.good luck.

April 2011

i have also got heinz manual and read threw says might be water pump or maybe air filter like i sed any guidance apreciated

April 2011

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The question: i have a gilera dna 2004 model 50cc and it wont start cuts out?
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