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DVD Player?
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Question - mend, repair, fix

How can I fix my Mintek 1050 dvd player?

How can I fix my Mintek 1050 dvd player, it skips and stop when playing a dvd or cd?

Juan Izarra
March 2011

Need to mend your Mintek dvd player?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

I have a mintek 1020 dvd player that is telling me there is no disc when there is a disc in there. It won't do anything beyond says it's loading ....takes a long time to do this and then registers " no disc"
How do I get this serviced and is it worth the money to do so?
Kindly advise.

Angela R Vittucci
October 2012

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Screen problems.?

The Mintek 1030 when playing dvd, only displays half the screen. Can it be fixed, as I love this player? Is there a repair shop in Spokane, WA, or send it out?...

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where can i get a power supply for a mintek DTV -265-D tv?

I need a power supply for a mintek DTV-265-Dtv...

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my mintek # MDP 1030 says no disk wont spin disk?

my portable dvd player always says no disk even when i put one in and it wont spin up the disk either and the laser light wont come on...

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How to fix Black screen on Mintek model No. 1815?

I can hear the dvd playing, but the screen is black. I connected the dvd player to my tv and I am able to watch the dvd. However, when I change to source to be the dvd player the screen is black. Any help will be greatly appreciated....

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Mintek 26" LCD HDTV w/ built in dvd player (DTV-265-D)?

Inserted a DVD into the built in player. Now all that happens when the power is turned on (ON THE tv itself) is that the DVD plays. My remote will not power on or off, and no other functions on the remote or the tv respond when pushed. Is the DVD player overriding all other electronics? Are my only ...

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How can I get DVD's out of my Mintek TV with built in DVD? ?

I have a mintek combination TV and DVD player. My wife put a DVD in the DVD player but there was already one DVD in there. Now, both DVD's are stuck in the DVD player and will not eject. Any idea how I can get the DVD's out?...

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Problem with Mintek 166 DVD player?

My DVD player is frozen with a DVD inside-how can I repair? Or should I get a new DVD player...

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7" Mintek Portable DVD Player with no sound; image is fine.?

I have a 7" Minteck Portable DVD Model: MDP-1760 Player and the sound function does not work. I have checked the volume button and also the audio speakers. I have tried just about everything and I just can not figuire it out. I even checked to see if there was a mute button and have not found any...

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