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D.I.Y, Toilets (2516 other questions)
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Question - mend, repair, fix

How do you replace a GROHE single flush valve (part no. 43544)?

My discharge valve is constantly leaking, which means the cistern is refilling every minute. I've been told I need to replace valve 43544. So my question would be, how do I take the thing apart to replace it? Does it screw off, or do I pull it?

February 2010

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Need to mend your Grohe toilet?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

1 Lift off Cistern lid 2 Remove the bridge carrying the end of the tube from the flush button and the bellows below it. There are small catches at front and back 3 take hold of the tube and lift, the whole of the rest of the works comes out.
4 The lowest part has two washers and is held to the upper by one of them it can be removed from the upper by pulling it. then examine the two washers. There may be "bubbles" on either or both. These are the cause of the loss of seal and can be removed by pricking them with a pin but DO NOT pierce the washer.
5 Reassemble

May 2010

I would never try to repair grohe - best to replace with some thing that works for a while

euge the plumber
April 2010

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Have I been charged way to much for having a loo mended?

I've just paid £175 to have a Grohe siphon replaced in a concealed cistern (incl £36 for the part) is this way too much? It feels like a lot...single lady not so clued up on what's appropriate cost?...

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Short burst of water entering cistern ?

I installed a compact water cistern about 8 years ago which has a Grohe Side Entry Float valve fitted (Product code ts215). Every now and then there are short bursts of water entering the cistern. I have replaced the silicon membrane washer (code 4375800) and this is still happening. Does anyone kno...

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how do I change the bellows in the push button unit for the grohe cistern?

how do I change the bellows in the push button unit for the grohe cistern?...

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Grohe push button toilet attached to saniflow ?

Tank does not always refill once flushed. Had to turn cold water tap in sink on and off several times to get it to refill. what is the problem?...

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Replacement of bellows in Grohe air button?

Hi, I have the same problem as everyone else i.e. the bellows in my Grohe air button has gone. The problem is that the advice from Phil on how to dismantle the air button in order to fit a replacement bellows has disappeared from the site. How do you take it apart?...

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Grohe seals 14.11.30 4 DAL?

Where can I buy a replacement DAL 14.11.30 4 washer? Also is there a small black washer in the filler valve which is worth replacing at the same time? Thanks...

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grohe toilet cistern leasks ?

i have a grohe cistern it keeps leting water through when filling up thebwater gets so high it leeks. brought a new discharge piston and seal swoped them over it still leaks as before what could it be...

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How do I remove the fitting for the flush on my hidden cistern toilet?

Grohe Toilet plastic silver flush buttons...

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Help wanted!
I had the same problem. Great result!! Thanks to all.

May 2020

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