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Question - mend, repair, fix

AEG oko lavamat 6955, error code F9?

The machine stopped partway through a cycle with F9 in the display, quick wash light was on solid, 1500, 900 were both flashing, end was flashing and over dosing was on solid.
Any one able to help?

Alex McCartney
November 2004

Need to mend your AEG washing machine?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Answer from "Johan November 2010" worked fine for me with the 6955 model. Next step is to check the brushes.

Ole Eskedal, Denmark
January 2017

Hi everyone!
I have the same model for the past 10 years, which was already a 2nd hand WM. Also got the the same error F9 and became panic! But, your tips really helped me to put the machine back to normal function!
Thank you all

Essan, NL
April 2016

Thanks everyone! Phew, my washing machine is now OPEN!!

August 2012

This trick of course also worked with my 16 years old 6665 (which until now has washed not less than 2500 loads without any need for service or spare parts, I think it's the best buy I have made in my entire life): Switch off machine and whilst pressing "soak" + "quick wash" turn to position "gentle spinning" -> all LED's are lit. Turn machine off and on once more and everything is back to normal.
Cheers to the internet, cheers to all you handy men who bother to post superb info like this and cheers to myself for ignoring the ghost of my ex-wife who would always mock me for seeking ways to avoiding new investments in appliances, and one more cheer for the internet for providing a local supplier of the brushes that I will now replace for € 30, shipping included.

Lars, Denmark
April 2012

Taste Vorwäsche +Taste Kurz und Drehschalter auf Schonschleudern Fehlercode F9 istgelöscht
Kohlen vom Motor iO. Habe sie erst vor einem halben Jahr erneuert bei Fehlercode F9

Jürgen Hille aus Deutschland
December 2011

Kanon fick maskin att gå igen men skall byta kolen i motorn asap. :)

March 2011

I also have an AEG6955, now 16 years old always run perfectly and now have the F9, tried as suggested on this site but no luck, will get the repair man out and see if its the brushes,
meanwhile full load still in the washer.
Has been great machine the issue is what should I get next if I have too

catherine Melbourne Australia
March 2011

Å fjerne feilen koden F9: mens du holder bløtlegging \ for vask og korte program \ intensiv knappene inne vri samtidig bryteren fra av til skånesentrifugerig. Dette vil klarere feilkoden og kjører en LED test.

November 2010

I have AEG oko lavamat 7955. Same error code F9.
My buttons to press are soaking and quick wash, and move the dial to Short Spin. Wait 2 seconds for all lights to flash and presto! Needed to replace brushes (which are same as for 6955)

November 2010

Thanks, it really works! Pushed the buttons and turned the knob and I can open the door finally

September 2010

Worked perfectly by pressing quick and prewashing buttons together while turning the knob to gentle spin.
Then all leds lit. Then I turned the knob back to Off again and the machine worked again. Wonderful ! The machine is 15 (!!) years and still spins att 1500 rpm.
(German quailty, proably impossible to get to day, only Miele which is very expensive). I suspect the brushes, and will change them as fast as possible, before the machine stops for ever

Mikael Lejdström, Sweden
August 2010

to clear the error code: whilst holding the pre wash and short wash buttons in together turn the control knob from off to gentle spin, this will clear the fault code and run a LED test.
Tried this and it worked cleared the fault. Also it was on the quick wash setting may be a link here.

July 2010

i have tryed to reset this way , in dosent work on my machine

karsten andersen
March 2010

This advice is still working well - had the machine for 12 years - still going strong - so I think I will change the brushes :)

January 2010

to clear the error code: whilst holding the pre wash and short wash buttons in together turn the control knob from off to gentle spin, this will clear the fault code and run a LED test.

December 2009

Thank you, It works !

You saved my day, as the machine was full of clothes that I need tomorrow morning.

Tom from Norway
January 2009

As an answer to "Guy"

Yes it will run for a while maybe, but eventually it will fail again... and again... and again... So you might consider replacing the brushes as soon as possible. Or else you might wear out the tendiders that hold the sprocketseal inside the electric motor

JerryMan of Norway
August 2008

I've just had an F9 message on teh same machine and after running through unblocking pipes and pumps as I didn't know what else to do; found this site and did the reset procedure as suggested - now machine running ok. great!

July 2008

I have EXACTLY the same machine and problem. I have tried you solution to reset and get more joy.
1. Any other ideas how I can get the washing out?
2. When you say the brushes were the problem - was the solution to replace them and was this very expensive? As you might expect, I don't want to throw good money after bad. It's been a great machine, trouble free, but it 8 years old and used very day!

January 2005

Have found the answer. F9 is motor or motor tacho failure (generally brushes, and in my case it was brushes)
for reference to clear the error code: whilst holding the pre wash and short wash buttons in together turn the control knob from off to gentle spin, this will clear the fault code and run a LED test.

November 2004

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