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Question - mend, repair, fix

My Kenwood chef a901 smokes?

The question has been up before I can see, but hopefully someone can help.
My grandmothers kennwood chef A901 has lived some years in the attic but now it has moved in with me. But it smokes. I guess there can be a couple of reasons;
1. dirt got in it -how can I clean it inside?
2. The oil is dried/too old -where do I apply some new?
Last option would be to get someone proffesional to mend it, but I do nok think there i any other problems.
When it opens there is a green button on the motor, what does that do, I cant seem to get any response by pushing it.
Pls help

March 2006

Need to mend your Kenwood Chef blenders/mixer?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

the reason kenwood chef smoke is the armature is worn and your componets on the pcb want changing

alan welbourne
June 2009

This is most likely to be capacitors that have broken down over time. You need to remove the motor cover and you will see that the rectangular capacitors are discoloured and obviously broken. Replacements available for about £4 from Torre eletronics in Torquay, Devon. I know because I fitted some today! Email me on if you have any questions. Good luck.

Steve Houghton
September 2007

Can't answer your question as to why your appliance smokes. With regard to the question of oiling the Chef, I have an old booklet that says "The gearbox of your Chef is permanently packed with grease and no additional lubrication is necessary during its normal life".
Now we come to the "green button". Some mixers are fitted with an overload protection device. My booklet says that where this is fitted the mixer " . . . will stop automatically if overloaded. If this happens switch off, raise the mixer head to expose the green button. Allow the mixer to stand for a few minutes then press the button so mixing can continue."

My mixer is about 10 years old and gives the following information under SERVICE:

For any repaires in or out of guarantee, servicing or selected spare parts, please contact your Kenwood Authorised Repairer in Yellow Pages under the Electrical Appliance Repairers section or Telephone (0705) 476000 extension 2800 Service Department.

Don't know whether this telephone number still exists (I have a feeling that the code, at the very least, will have changed).

Whenever I have wanted spares or someone to repair an appliance that is out of warranty, I have usually found that the John Lewis Partnership stores are very helpful as they keep a list of spares suppliers etc.

Sorry this answer is so very late after you posted your question (I know it's not all that helpful, either), but I have only just come across this site to-day.

July 2006

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Help wanted!
Thank you. This has been driving me to distraction for months. Now fixed!

May 2020

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