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Why is Dreamweaver's FTP so slow?

I find that using Dreamweaver MX's FTP feature is much slower than Internet Explorer. Why might Dreamweaver be slow?

January 2004

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Dreamweaver FTP is slow because it scans the hard drive before puching files to the web site.

I was able to take my large site update from 35 seconds to less that 6 seconds by moving my site development folders to a SSD (Solid State Drive) drive.

DW does not seem to do the scan everytime so there is some sort of head nod to an existing open "connection" but it times out in about 5 minutes. If Adobe opened up the time out to say 30 minutes most complaints would go away.

November 2010

Unfortunatly, I can't give an answer but I can subscribe to this problem. Dreamweaver has a very very slow FTP client. I is slower than any other FTP client.

March 2009

Try using the 'Use Passive mode' setting. Works for various sites!

June 2008

Some of the code in Dreamweaver is very ineffecient. For example, if you do a simple text search-and-replace function in Dreamweaver then it will be VERY slow compared to a good text editor like TextPad.

I can't imagine why Macromedia can't implement faster FTP support in their software, but as far as I know there's no "fix" to make your FTP go any faster.

David Carrington
May 2004

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May 2020

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