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how to solve softwrap error?

softwrap errors keep popping up on my pc dont know a lot about computors so if you could help me solve this could you please make it easy thanks it says critical softwrap file error 3 and another says title is already being run please choose or try to purchase it before running another instance

jan adams
August 2009

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Hi Jan,

My PC has just started doing the same thing, have you solved yours yet? if so how did you do it.
Thanks Faye

January 2010

Softwrap is anti-piracy software and so if you have some software from a dubious source, that is what is causing the message.

Alternatively, if all your software is kosher, you need to get in touch with the vendor of the program that is using Softwrap to protect their product.

August 2009

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Help wanted!
Thanks to all of you, back in working order.

May 2018

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