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USB Pen Drive?
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Question - mend, repair, fix

Corrupt files on USB Lexar 512 mb flash?

How can I remove corrupt files from a Lexar USB flash drive? I don't care to recover the files but I can not save, delete, or add files to the drive with the corrupt files present. I have even tried to reformat the drive and also tried to delete the partition. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

December 2005

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Need to mend your Lexar usb pen drive?

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Diskinternals, recommended by D Sherman, is easier to use but costs $70 for the FAT version required for this POS jumpdrive. I used PC Inspector File Recovery,fid,23069,00.asp

It's free but is hard to figure out how to use. Read the Help file before using, and be sure to search for LOST FILES as well as LOST DRIVES. It took a while and showed all sorts of duplicate files, but I think I recovered everything, and all the recovered files I've opened (so far) are in good shape.

Refiling them into their original folders is going to be a bear, and diskinternals will do that for you, which might be worth $70 for some people. Also, diskinternals will recover files smaller than 64 kb for free, so if you have only small text files, you may be able to get by without paying $70 for the easier-to-use diskinternals.

April 2006

Here are three ways that might help. Good luck!

D Sherman
January 2006

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Stick not showing up on MacBook....

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How to fix a Lexar 1GB jump drive?

I have a Lexar 1GB that has all my work files on it. (including billing and payroll) I came home from the weekend and went to use it. It won't light up and the computer does not read that it is plugged in. I looked in the device manager and I can't find it there either. I tried 2 other computers als...

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Lexar Jumpdrive HARDWARE repair .. i think?

My jump drive was working just fine then, the usb head, (the part you plug into usb port on your comp) is all bent up on the sides. now when I plug it in it wont even show up on my computer, as if its not even plugged in. and the led doesnt blink on anymore when i plug it in, anyone know how to repa...

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How can I retrieve data or fix my Lexar Media Jumpdrive 128mb?

It does not respond when I put it in the usb port therefore I cannot access the device to retrieve my data. Any ideas please????...

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my memory stick has stopped working any ideas on how to retrive the data?

My memory stick has stopped working and I have some importanat data on it is there any way of recovering that data and if so where can i get it done its a lexar media stick 512 kbs...

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How can i fix my pendrive?

Hi, i left my pendrive in a tower PC on the floor and someone came along and stepped on it and now my computer doesnt pick it up. can this be fixed? I have a LEXAR JumpDrive and i was very fond of it, i also had some very im portant files on there....

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How can I Retrive Information from Lexar Jump Drive Which does not work?

I have a Lexar Sport Jump Drive 512MB Capacity, the problem i am facing is that it is not showing it as drive in My Computer.But shows as a device in the Start Task Bar.I am using Windows 2000 SP4. Can I retrive information available in the Lexar Drive ? How can I do it. Please help its urgent....

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Can information be retrieved from a Lexar Jump Drive that isn't working?

I accidentally dropped my Lexar Jump Drive and now my computer doesn't recognize it anymore. I am running Windows XP. I have followed all the instructions going through the device manager. I can't get my jumpdrive to operate in either my computer or another.All other peripherals plugged in to my com...

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Help wanted!
Can't believe the method worked, but it really did! Thank you.

Dec 2019

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