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Pioneer DEH-1950 clock setting?

Hi. I have tried to set the clock according to the manual I downloaded, but no luck. It says to press FUNCTION to set the clock. If I press function, I get BSM setting, or LOCAL setting. No sign of clock setting. I can't seem to find it no matter what I try. We have the Australian version in case that makes a difference. Please help. Our car has no other clock, and it's p*ssing me off :-(

August 2008

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Not being able to set the clock (even with the manual) was driving me nuts, so thank you all so much for describing what to do! I think it helps also helps to set it at night, when all the buttons are lit up and it is easier to see. It was still a bit tricky, but eventually I got it! Thanks heaps!

Tracy Sam
November 2011

A very big thank you Dave It worked !!!!!!! kisses to you xxx

Lyn from Australia
October 2010

thanks dave, that worked for me.!!!!

February 2010

as the manual says, prior to setting clock you need to enter initial settings mode by press and hold source button (volume knob) until unit turns off, then press source button and hold again until function name appears in display, then press function (may need more than one press - just press and release - don't hold) to select clock, then arrow keys left or right for segment and up or down to set digit.

ken markham
April 2009

im in argentina and had the same problem that you. sorry if my english is not so good.
you have to turn off the radio but having the "clock display" on. then, you have to press the big grey button for 3 or 4 seconds (the one that it is used for making the volume up or down). the clock should be able to be set.

November 2008

If it's anything like mine:
* Put keys in ignition and only turn 1 or 2 clicks to power the radio
* Turn the radio "off" if it is on
* Press and keep holding the FUNC button
* Press the On (or Source) button and wait a few seconds
* Let go. The clock should flash
* Use the up/down left/right to get the hours and minutes.
(On mine, when I get the flashing clock and let go, I get other options instead, but I have to go left / right to get back the flashing clock).

Dave, in Auckland
October 2008

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my pioneer deh-p4500mp keeps blowing the fuse on the back of the unit, was working ok then I removed it from the dashboard and when I pushed it back in something popped and now it blows the fuse every time. I have installed another stereo without problems but the pioneer was very good when it worke...

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Radio Station Memory?

I have a Pioneer DEH-2100UB and have sucessfully installed this in my Skoda Fabia. Everytime i turn the radio and store the station in my radio, everytime i turn my engine off, it resets and the stations are lost and i have to begin the process all over again. Is their a special procedure i have to ...

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unlock code for pioneer deh-m8107?

anyone know unlock code for a pioneer deh-m8107 cd/radio, its a toyota fitment. thanks....

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How to reset a Pioneer DEH-1950 CD receiver?

The battery of my car was disconnected and now my Pioneer DEH-1950 CD player won't work? Can anyone tell me how to reset it?...

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how do i input the code to my renault pioneer radio?

i have the code for the radio, but i cannot do anything about that. :( when i power the radio it is showing me on display "CODE" - not flashing; as i press the buttons (any of them) nothing is happening. can anyone please help me? thank you...

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how do i input the code to my renault pioneer radio?

i have the code for the radio, but i cannot do anything about that. :( when i power the radio it is showing me on display "CODE" - not flashing; as i press the buttons (any of them) nothing is happening. can anyone please help me? thank you...

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Pioneer radio/cd will not turn on in my Renault Espace. What do I do?

I have a Reanult Espace 2002 reg 2.2 dci fitted with a Pioneer radio/cd in the rear of car with controls on steerin wheel stalk and remote control. My car-battery was changed and now the radio/cd will not turn on (as seen on the car dashboard display, it reads OFF). I have no code. Also I cannot do...

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Scoured the internet and came across this tip on here. Thank you.

Dec 2019

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