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Categories > Mend Kitchen Appliances, Dishwashers > Question
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Kitchen Appliances, Dishwashers (15893 other questions)
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Mend > Dishwashers

Question - mend, repair, fix

Hotpoint Aquarius FDW20 diswasher, Wash and Drying lights are flashing..?

Hotpoint Aquarius FDW20 diswasher, Wash and Drying lights are flashing..? Any idea's what this error code is..??

Alastair Fraser
April 2008

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Prewash and wash lights both flashing indicates a blockage. Check pump dirt may have passed the filters and jammed the pump

October 2013

i get salt refill & prewash lighs flashing and nothing happens can anyone help. it is about 3 years old

david p
April 2013

have just bought the fdw20 from a friend... she hardly used it is working brill till this morning have noticed it has not drained properly... have checked filter and its all clear nothing blocking it.
has anyone any ideas what it could be please.

September 2011

Good tip Bob, just tried it and it worked for us! Thanks!

John Harvey
July 2010

Hi We have had the same problem. Had an engineer out 4 times now and still the lights flash!!

Trying out Bob's solution to see. Will let you know how it goes.

Interstingly, the first engineer suggested it might have been caused by having those "all in one" tablets, whilst also having salt and rinse aid in the machine. Have also stopped putting the rinse aid and salt in as well

August 2009

Mine was Wash and Rinse lights flashing. The water company changed the meter today and since then I've had no end of problems. However, the tip given by Bob seems to have solved the dishwasher problem. Thanks Bob.

June 2008

Hi, just had the same problem with ours, “wash & drying” lights flashing. After reading these & other web pages, I feared the worse, spending a small fortune!.
This is what I done.
Unplugged from the mains, this apparently resets the settings (so I was told by an engineer), as the “reset” button was having no effect.
Removed & thoroughly cleaned the filter, even though it appeared to be fairly clean.
Purchased a “quality” dishwasher cleaner, one of those you place upside down in the cutlery basket.
Plugged it in again, presto, no lights flashing.
Set the “wash cycle” to the hottest setting, “A”. made sure the cleaner was in place, then pushed the start button.
We now have a fully functioning dishwasher again. Hope this helps, as it did for us.
Good luck.

Bob Kingham
April 2008

i also have a fdw20 just started flashing wash and dry lights rang for advice told me it is a faulty heating circuit board,will cost £75 plus parts and labour,already been repaired once under guarantee now 14 months old so have to pay.would not recommend this dishwasher.

April 2008

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hotpoint dishwasher not washing?

my hotpoint aquarious dishwasher is filling heating and draining but spray bars are not spinning and nothing is being washed any ideas...

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I followed your instructions and got the tape out safely.

Mar 2019

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