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Mend > Dishwashers

Question - mend, repair, fix

Hotpoint Ultima FDW80 Dishwasher - error code AL10 HELP?

Dishwasher appears to get to near end of the cycle (definately on drying cycle) and it stops and error code AL 10 comes up, anybody know what this means, as its not listed in manual or trouble shooting guide.


Dawn G
January 2008

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Copacitor i got from Rs components and its soldered directly to motor. I have the same fault again now bu not the motor. If it is getting hot, it may be getting too hot. What i have found is that depending when or where yo machine was made there is a thermistor which controls the temperature in the machine, some are hard wired to the pcb and some are on a flying lead. If yours is on a flying lead it might have fell off and its located on the bottom of the dispenser at the back, looks like a small glass tube with a metal strip in it otherwise its a new board 😤

June 2015


You said it was the motor capacitor pls could you provide more details which motor, where is the cap did you just replace the cap espares are trying to get me to buy a new motor over £100 I have no water pumping and it gets very hot.

June 2015

Had the same fault, AL10, but the inside is hot so defo not the heater, what i have found is that in my case it was getting too hot inside due to the fact that the motor wasn't running so not pumping water round the system. Diagnosis, new motor capacitor. Job done ! Cheap and easy, albeit wet repair .....

November 2014

Right your code fault AL 10 that means your universal dishwaher capacitor fault.

September 2010

my hotpoint dishwasher have problem start yestursday the display flash AL-10 what it is ?

September 2010

Funny what you said about the bubbles, i think that might be correct, I used some bleach in my dish washer the other day, i got a little over excited when tipping it in!!!! bubbles were porring out of my machine then i had the AL10 code for the first time in 5 years, i am using finish tablets ATM ( never usually use them) and i've not put ant salt in for ages, i'm gunna try salt again, i only stopped coz i ran out and forgot to buy any.

June 2010

Hotpoint FDW80 boughr Mar 07 now Mar10 so 3about 1000 washes, about 20-25p a wash. Al10 not in manual. rang helpdesk to get reason for code. They do not have one. Advice call an engineer. Why not just say it's a catch all code! very very annoying. basically screen reads Al10 after 2 minutes then stops. Tried all the usual resets. Previous experience is call engineer, parts and labour 150 goes down again within 6 months. almost price of new. better off just buying new. I'm just not buying hotpoint again.

mike scott
March 2010

My dishweasher starts a cycle and works for approx 2 mins then I get an AL10 error code which I cannot find in the user manual. I live in a hard water area and wonder if this could be the cause of the problem.
Can anyone help me decode the error?

November 2009

After AL10 code appeared on my FDW80 (just over a year old) half a dozen times in a week, I tried using cheaper tablets (Daisies from Tesco) and filling with salt as recommended by the engineer whose advice was dismissed below. Well what do you know. The machine has now completed 80 washes without the code reappearing.

Robert (an engineer)
March 2009

There is a problem with the heating element. Try some discaler. One or two treatments. If that doesn't work. Then its a new element. We have the same problem.

March 2009

anyone know where i can get a hotpoint element as got AL10 code. where is the heating elementfor me to change it.


August 2008

I hate my dishwasher. 2nd time I've put in a service engineer visit for the same thing in 9 months from new.

The first engineer reckoned it was this...

"Sometimes the machine doesnt like bubbles being pumped around the machine when it's trying to pump water... You should try different makes of dishwasher tablets until you find one that has the least amount of suds... usually shops own brands are the best... not the Finish ones that Hotpoint recommend!"

This is the biggest load of balls I've ever heard!!

Now waiting for the 2nd engineer. Grrrr, handwashing... :-(

July 2008

Failed heating element
I have the same problem with my Ariston dishwasher
After 1 month i been given the advice to buy a new one (no guarantee time left). You can change the element - but i will most certainly cost a lot and only work for a short period of time.
Best Regards
Nick from Sweden

February 2008

Your heating element has gone mine has needed to be replace 3 times now and this is my 2nd dishwasher and it's just gone again About £44.99 from hotpoint if you buy the part yourself!

February 2008

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