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My computer is slow?

Hi, my computer is running very slow? I have a tiny computer with Windows XP which is 3 yers old. I have upgraded my memory to 2GB, i have a 80GB harddrive and when i browse web pages my computer takes ages for the web page to appear. I have defrag my computer, i have change the start up settings with MSconfig. I have also deleted old software on my computer but it has not made any difference my computer is still slow. I have Mcafee internet security, can anyone help me with thi problem as my computer is very slow

December 2007

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1) how many Internet temporary files have you in your computer at the present time?
2)How long have you set your Internet History Temporary files
setting to:- 1 day, 2 days or is it set for much longer time span? change your setting to 2 days maximum
3) Also remember during working hours in USA the whole internet slows due to the millions of surfers all using their
PC's to surf the internet at the same time?

May 2008

this really seems like a virus and/or spam is in there. You need to run virus and spam software.,,, & are all online free scanners and pretty good too. If you can install these and get the free updates. Run them in regular mode and then run them again in safe mode, you should get rid of alot of cr*p.
One other thing, if you are using modems and routers, I have found that a 5 minute shutdown of everything at once can do wonders.

December 2007

And I think that you are wrong Mathew. A three year old PC with 2Gbytes RAM and XP should be able to deal with practically anything. This Laptop that I am using right now is five years old with 1GByte and is fine.

Plus if it was the PC everything would be slow not just web pages.

However spyware check would be a good idea.

December 2007

Right T you are incorrect.

Could be several reasons, first get rid of mcafee as its as bad as norton as in they are crap, check your system,m for spyware as that could very well be your slow net connection issue.

have you recently upgraded from dial up to broadband.. if so then im sure spyware issue.

a 3 yr old system even if you upped the memory is still an old machine no matter how much you upgrade it, in fact it would be cheaper to build a new one , hell for £300 you could build a core 2 duo system .

don't use windows def rag system as its worse than a chocolate t pot, go get system mechanic as their def rag system is great also diskeeper pro is also very good.

Mathew lisett
December 2007

If web pages are slow then why do you think that it is your PC? It is far more likely to be your network - internal or Internet.

December 2007

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I'm on Windows XP SP3. Using IE8 as my browser. When i try to load IE8, it takes for what seems like forever (when compared to its usual response time) to load the window. It probably takes about 5 minutes to load the one window. Maybe a couple minutes more. And it does the exact same thing wh...

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how to reinstall mc afee secuirty centre?

how to reinstall mcafee secuirtycentre...

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my system is slow?

Good day all, I have been using a window xp system for about three month now, on the domain. Lately i discover that when i click on some tab i get no response, and my system is extremely slow now. i have done virus scan using McAfee, nothing detected. i dont know what to do?...

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HP Laptop startup problem?

When I start my laptop up the Mcafee software detects a problem with internetexplore.exe. (this is in the log file) The computer just freezes and I have to shut it down by power button. After about 4 times the computer starts up fine and is running okay. It will also start if a "restart" is selected...

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PC is a HP. I can't send email and I use outlook express. ?

I can't send email. I can recieve email and get on the internet. The scan with McAfee says no virus and webroot says no spyware. I use outlook express for email. please help me fix this problem...

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whats wrong with mcafee?

i have recently bought mcafee security centre for my pc but when i try to install it i can only install virus scan and personal firewall plus then i get a message saying that there was an error and that it couldnt install the other two services :privacy service and spam killer. I have tried installi...

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what is the best program to run to get rid of spyware??

my computer keeps stopping. I change my home page and whenever i get back on it back to an AOL page I don't have aol. What Can I do. I do have windows defender running-but that ssays nothing is wrong. along with mcafee-still says nothing wrong-any suggetions? thanks,donna...

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mcafee says i have A w32/alemod.c.dll virus and con not bge cleaned,,,it exist in system32\wininet.dll how do i get ride of this,,,,comp is real slow and pop ups one after the other...

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Thank you. This has been driving me to distraction for months. Now fixed!

May 2020

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