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How can I fix my Rover 45?
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Danieldakota floor standing GF1000c...
i got a used tec ma 1350 when i plug all light are on can't do anything ?

i got a used tec ma 1350 when i plug it up all the lights light up and nothing works no matter where...
Aeg electric competence oven won’t heat up?

My oven was on, after half hour, it all went off and tripped the fuse board, after resetting the fus...
vax will not spray water?

I cant get water from vax to clean carpet light comes on but no water...
how to starter my transit ford 2005 the starter not on?

need help for my ford transit 2005 wont starter all light on but the start not on I buy new starter ...
how do I replace vauxhall vectra dipped headlight bulb?

how do I replace nearside vauxhall vectra 1.8 LS 03 dipped headlight bulb?...
Moss 2000 home alarm?

Can any one help with wiring diagram and user manual its got a remote key fobe it came on a shed I b...

Peugeot Partner Combi 2 ltr 2003 Slow Cranking and won't start if weather cold. New battry 8 month...
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My Vauxhall Vectra 08/09 model Gear Knob keeps springing off. How can I fix this?...
why does engine turn over so much before starting?

daf lf 180 engine spins over and over and over before starting it is the common rail engine any idea...
KMX50 mixer. Planet Hub screw. ?

Hi. My planet hub screw has come out.... does it need a washer in before it screws back in. Thank yo...
White Knight tumble dryer reverses once & stops. Why?

My White Knight tumble dryer spins one way. Then reverses working as it should. But then stops. I ca...
how can i fix my car stereo to work?

renault megane 2. after -6 temp in scotland. my stereo completely stopped working. ive checked the f...
Parkside cordless drill PABS 18-Li B3 IAN 90877?

I bought this drill from Lidl. It is out of warranty. I wonder if you could tell me if there is a su...
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Help wanted!
Mend it
How can I mend my Vauxhall's radio?

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