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replace the bulb in the headlight for peugeot 307, desperate help needed?

how do i replace the headlight bulb on the passanger side of my peugeot 307. i have tried an tried, my mates have tried an tried but to no avail!
i cannot see how to take the headlight unit out (if necessary)
and the bulbs itself are completly inaccessible!
September 2007

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

How do I change the divers side headlight bulb

Neil Aspden
February 2011

This is a tricky job but doable. The circular rubber cover just pulls off. I spent a while trying to twist it off!!! Once off the connector at the back of the bulb needs to be pulled off. Then you can access the clip hold the bulb in place. Push this clip gently towards the engine and then lift up. The bulb will then come out easily. Good luck.

David Jordan
January 2011

Firt of all, don,t touch the glass part of the new bulb. The little square lug that sticks out on the E7 bulb surround goes at the top. The first time I tried to do it, I put the lug towards the bottom and the little wire retaining clip was very hard to get back into position. When I did it properly the clip went on easy. I found on the nearside headlight, if you take the plastic cover off the electrics and fuse box, that it gives you a bit more room to get at the bulb.

December 2009

Hi I have just changed the standard headlight bulbs with Xenon and it took me 5-minutes to change them. Very easy to do. it is all shown in the user's manual. there is a back cover that you need to remove by turning half-way then remove the grip-clips for the bulb to release it. replace the bulb, place the grip-clip back and then the cover... you're Done!

December 2007

They are a complete pain in the backside to do, i had to get one of my female colleagues at work to help as my hands are to big. Then my mrs gets hit in the car by an uninsured driver and had to take the complete light unit out and replace it. In the manual they say that you have to take the front bumper off to remove the light, but if you unclip the quick release plastic mouldings and remove the front fasteners on the slam panel you can slide the headlight out and replace it again.

You will have to find some one with small hands to do it for you and explain it to them if they are unsure.

October 2007

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