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Question - mend, repair, fix

how can I get my LG VCR out of safe mode?

I can use the remote just fine, but all the buttons except for power and eject on the VCR dont work, and the display just shows "Safe". How can I enable the buttons on the vcr?

December 2005

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

What does "replace the caps in the power supply mean"??

December 2014

I have no remote so how can i get it off safe mode

October 2014

Thanks, SAFE error gone by pressing C.lock button on Remote controller unit (RCU )

Rajiv Sharma
February 2014

You need to replace Caps in the power supply

January 2013

You have just made an elderly lady extreamly happy. Great website :)

September 2012

what if i have no remote?

February 2012

Done in a moment. Great help! Thanks heaps.

April 2011

Thank you so much this has been driving me crazy!!!

May 2010

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

January 2010

I've just had the same problem. Go to your remote while your video is on and press LOCK (not clock!).

March 2009

RCU = remote control unit. Ah-ha! but what happens if you've lost that?

October 2008


August 2008

Look on your RCU and you should see a button marked C.LOCK
give it a press and that should do it.

January 2006

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