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massey ferguson 390t 1997?

a few months ago i noticed that my massey would turn two revolutions before starting ,it usualy started straight away so i put it down to the cold spell that we were having.then i ran out of diesel and decided ti change the filter which was full of jelly and dirt .took a long time to start it after even by opening pipes as the injectors then i noticed that after reving it up and when coming back down to tickover it would cut out and has been doing it ever since.its slow to start since but if i give the injector pump a tap with a hammer it starts straight away.i checked the small filter in the little fuel lift pump it was totaly blocked it had even decayed away in places but i left it in as i think yo cant get them so i got a new pump but havent fitted it yet as i am going to clean the tank.when th engine is running its pefect no power loss and reves cleanly

jim duggan
February 2009

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The diesel could be dirty in tanks or contain water .this would mean you should remove tanks wash them and put new diesel in it and new diesel filters,and bleed it correctly.there could be a problem with the lift pump.there was in my 690 so i changed it and it's working better than ever.if the tractor doesnt open up when foot on throttle this could definitly be the problem

joe c
June 2009

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